Human Templar escaping from Loyalty sweep


Templar figure

Lots of friends throughout the city, working together to help Iamkai escape the gladiator pit. The guards are in cahoots and have recruited the PC’s to aid in his escape.

First, they jump into a distraction and save Iamkai from death-by-silk-wyrm, allowing him to escape into the slave pits, where the guards moved him around to avoid detection.

Later, the PC’s are recruited to take advantage of a scheduling overlap that placed mostly loyal guards on duty. They are asked to escort him through city and outside the gates, but then they are supposed to sneak back into the slave pits so the guards are not investigated for losing four gladiators. Later, hopefully, Iamkai’s allies can buy the PC slaves and assign them to less dangerous duty, eventually getting them out of the city.

Plan put into action. Iamkai leads party to Ghost City, outside the gates, to acquire a The Book from a hiding spot in the wall of a Crematorium. He is then put in the hands of his allies just outside the city.

  • Says he wants to bring order to the city.
  • Never lies and scolds others for doing so.
  • Says he was picked by superiors for the loyalty sweep because it is easier to implicate those you don’t like than it is to perform an actual investigation.


Gladiators in Raam Ankhwearer