Successful execution of plan to get Iamkai out of the city and into the hands of allies, without betraying to anyone who was responsible.
Badnakhusa: Period of festivities at both the arena and the temples of Badna. Some smaller gatherings occur at homes and in merchant quarter.
Escape of Templar Iamkai during gladiator fights: Party aids in plot to free Iamkai from death-by-monster.
Raam Templar Loyalty Sweep: Allegedly initiated by Abalach-Re telling the templars to clean up their ranks, and then executed by those very corrupt servants, and so simply resulted in various templars being arrested to appease the Grand Vizier.


Xibulba apparently escapes slavery in Draj, but is re-enslaved by Elf merchant who finds Xi dying of thirst on way to Raam.
[[:zu.]] apparetnly escapes slavery in Raam, only to be recaptured by an Elf less than a mile away.



Gladiators in Raam Ankhwearer