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The Setting

Raam: City of Unrest

Coins Quarter: Nawab controlled merchant district of Raam
Ghost City: Area outside Raam where the Untouchable caste lives and works
Ivory Palace: Abalach-Re’s palace
Queen’s Hill: Royal area of Raam that contains Abalach-Re’s palace
Temple Quarter: District of Raam filled with temples to Badna and illegal shires to the thousand and one gods
Ascetic Row: Part of Raam’s Temple Quarter where monks and psions study and mediate, affectionately known as the Ohm District
The Natural Arena: Raam’s Gladiatorial arena a mile up a hillside from the city
The Slave Pits: Housing for gladiator/slaves near the Natural Arena for easy access to arena

Abalach-Re: Disinterested Sorcerer Queen of Raam, also self-titled “Grand Vizier”
Badna: Four-armed, snake-tailed male god of new religion established by Abalach-Re a few centuries ago
The Grand Vizier: Abalach-Re’s self-appointed title
Kuotagha: Raam secret police (whose corruption level has yet to be determined)
Nawab: Raam’s (corrupt) nobles (who are basically just warlords now)
Mansabdar: Raam’s (corrupt) police force
Raamite: Inhabitant of Raam
The Conspiracy: Alleged well-connected group that is trying to free Iamkai
Templars: Enforcers of Abalach-Re’s will, as it is, within the city of Raam. Since she exerts little influence over the city, the templars are in fact a corrupt pseudo-law-enforcement organization like all other factions of Raam. Unlike the other organizations in the city, the templars have no special name.
The Thousand and One Gods: The millenia-old polytheistic religion of Raam’s populace, technically outlawed by Abalach-Re but still observed by most citizens
The Unclean/The Untouchables: In Raam, those that touch dead bodies (tanners, butchers, morticians) are unclean and beyond contempt (but fortunately, beyond slavery too)

Recent Events

Successful execution of plan to get Iamkai out of the city and into the hands of allies, without betraying to anyone who was responsible.
Badnakhusa: Period of festivities at both the arena and the temples of Badna. Some smaller gatherings occur at homes and in merchant quarter.
Raam Templar Loyalty Sweep: Allegedly initiated by Abalach-Re telling the templars to clean up their ranks, and then executed by those very corrupt servants, and so simply resulted in various templars being arrested to appease the Grand Vizier.

Recently Encountered Places

Crematorium: Yellow brick building somewhat ourside Raam, in the Ghost City, where bodies are incinerated.
(unnamed safe-house): Safe house for The Conspiracy somewhere in the Coin District.
The Natural Arena: Gladiatorial arena of Raam
Kuaban: Secret prison of the Kuotagha

Recently Encountered People

Skree: Halfling Shaman Slave from the Crescent Forest
Zu.: Mul Barbarian Slave from Raam from Draj
Xibulba: Human Battlemind Slave from Raam
Saret (Neshne): Half-Elf Ardent Slave from Raam

Nawab Nawab Zaran: Small-time cloth merchant/warlord allied with “The Conspiracy”, supplying disguises, arms and armor for a slave-pit escape
Charn: Human Slave-Pit Guard who arranges for rescuing templar from arena
Iamkai: Human Templar who escaped death by Silk Wyrm and then the slave pits to retrieve The Book
Madur: Human Merchant and Gladiator-Fight Organizer
(unnamed): Human Guard at Kuaban
(unnamed): Half-Giant Slave-Pit Guard and Portcullis Opener at the Natural Arena

(unnamed & unseen): Alleged high templar caught in loyalty sweep and due to be executed later

Recently Discussed Things

The Mysterious Book: Large red leather tomb recovered by Iamkai and the party from its hiding spot high up on a wall of the Crematory
Arrack: distilled palm wine
Jasuan: Ambush drakes held in high regard in Draj

Recently Encountered Opposition

(unnamed): Three sand burrowing poisonous spiders, led by a psionic heavily carapaced spider, fought in the arena for the early dinner show.
[[??]]: Untouchable Female Templar arcane-user that led (possibly created) the two salt zombies and half-giant salt zombie fought before the gates out of the Ghost City. Body “turned to sand” and blew away when defeated. (Uh oh).
(unnamed): two Salt Zombies, matched with a half-giant salt zombie
(unnamed): seven salt zombies by the crematorium
(unnamed): psionically-powered thug that escaped from his failed PC mugging
(unnamed): Four street thugs
Kareek the cheater the cheater: Mighty Half-Giant Gladiator (poisoner!)
Jagan: Winning Human Gladiator from the matinee fight (teamed with Skree)
Enkash: Surviving Human Gladiator that conceded the matinee fight (teamed with Zaret)
Galeeb: Human Gladiator knocked unconscious in matinee fight (teamed with Zu).

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