The City

Draj: City of the Moons

Raam: City of Unrest

Coins Quarter: Nawab controlled merchant district of Raam
Ghost City: Area outside Raam where the Untouchable caste lives and works
Ivory Palace: Abalach-Re’s palace
Queen’s Hill: Royal area of Raam that contains Abalach-Re’s palace
Temple Quarter: District of Raam filled with temples to Badna and illegal shires to the thousand and one gods
Ascetic Row: Part of Raam’s Temple Quarter where monks and psions study and mediate, affectionately known as the Ohm District


Crematorium: Yellow brick building somewhat ourside Raam, in the Ghost City, where bodies are incinerated.
Kuaban: Secret prison of the Kuotagha
The Natural Arena: Gladiatorial arena of Raam
The Slave Pits: Housing for gladiator/slaves near the Natural Arena for easy access to arena
(unnamed safe-house): Safe house for The Conspiracy somewhere in the Coin District.


Gladiators in Raam Ankhwearer